COP 23: Climate Agreement is in the Industry’s Best Interest


VDMA: No Alternatives to International Climate Protection. • Europe Can Only Achieve Climate Goals with Efficient Emissions Trading System


VDMA: Plastics and Rubber machines make important contribution to circular economy


"Circular Economy" Press Tour at the Fakuma 2017


Sustainability principles provide a basis for promoting responsible action in the mechanical engineering industry


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is, as ever, a long-term challenge: To get this issue established more firmly among the membership, VDMA has developed twelve new principles.


Increasing importance of CSR for B2B customers


Sustainable economic behaviour is becoming increasingly regulated by international standards and national laws. In a VDMA exchange of experience in April, the resultant customer requirements were addressed.


AGENDA 2030: Goals for a more sustainable world


In 2016 the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations – the centrepiece of Agenda 2030 – officially came into force. How to implement these goals by the mechanical engineering industry was demonstrated at a VDMA workshop.


VDMA: The power transition must now become a comprehensive energy transition


The VDMA Power Systems association survey on economic trend shows a mixed picture concerning the world markets. Europe is threatened with losing its pioneering role for energy-transition technologies. A new era in renewable financing is on the horizon. INTEGRATED ENERGY is the focus of the Hannover Messe.


What humans create with machines


New multimedia reports on


Manufacturers of large engines call for energy transformation in the maritime sector


Manufacturers of large engines in the VDMA have acknowledged the resolutions of the world climate summit in Paris. They intend to play an active role in replacing fossil fuels with more environmentally-friendly forms of energy in the shipping industry.


IEA Policies and Measures Database (PAMS)


How do governments most effectively implement their energy transition? The International Energy Agency (IEA) provides valuable information in its freely accessible databases on political strategies and measures of international energy policy.


European Commission plans new rules on the recycling of products


VDMA welcomes the proposal on ensuring that functional equipment is not turned into electronic waste prematurely.


VDMA Roadmap Battery Production 2030, Update 2016


In 2016 VDMA Battery Production 2030 has been completely revised, updated and further important aspects have been added.


VDMA energy efficiency guide „Conserving resources – securing savings-potential“


The VDMA has summarised the arguments of the textile machinery industry on energy efficiency and the often questionable validity of machine labelling in the energy efficiency guide „Conserving resources - securing savings-potential“.


COP22 – commitment to climate agreement confirms opportunities for new technologies


The states attending the Climate Summit in Marrakesh sent out a message of global climate protection. In VDMA’s view, this will produce opportunities for the mechanical engineering industry.


The future of work at AUTOMATICA 2016


Rapid technological development and Industry 4.0 bring about significant changes to workplaces. Humans and machines are increasingly working hand in hand: for example in human-robot-collaboration or with smart assistance systems in manual assembly workstations.

We are convinced that workplaces are improving in quality, becoming more versatile and ergonomic. This is why we present the future of work as one of the focus topics of AUTOMATICA 2016:


Powtech 2016 – Great interest and satisfied visitors


VDMA and Blue Competence enjoy successful networking at the leading trade fair for powder, granulate and bulk solids technology.


Efficient and renewable energies reduce carbon dioxide increase


For the second year in a row, there was no increase in worldwide carbon dioxide emissions caused by the energy sector. This underscores the success of efficiency technologies and renewable energy systems, but additional innovations require a vibrant domestic market.


Series of VDMA Interviews


On the occasion of ITMA 2015 VDMA member companies talked about their technologies and concepts, adding content to the sometimes loosely used watch word sustainability. The best practice examples for sustainability published here deal with resource and energy saving, sustainable corporate culture and strategies, final textile products for increased sustainability, functional integration, automation and further steps towards industry 4.0.


ITMA 2015: Focus on sustainable textile production


The VDMA member companies are very satisfied with the leading textile machinery fair ITMA. The fair proved that sustainable textile production continues to be a major issue for the industry.


VDMA: VDMA’s first energy efficiency network launched


A maximum rise in global temperatures of two degrees by the end of 2100 was the target set by 196 nations at the Climate Change Conference in Paris last December.


NRW Displays Best Practices for Corporate Social Responsibility


The ProduktionNRW Cluster managed by VDMA NRW on 27 January 2016 involved an exchange of experiences on the subject of “Corporate Social Responsibility – Best Practices from North Rhine-Westphalia” for the first time.


VDMA: Market-driven approaches enhance resource efficiency in mechanical and plant engineering


This year’s World Economic Forum in Davos also looked at the effects of Industrie 4.0 on productivity. Resource efficiency as a part of increasing productivity is now a major topic not only for governments, but also among business representatives.


Climate protection is the revolution of efficiency


The engineering industry pleads for energy efficiency as business model at the German Sustainability Award. "Climate protection cannot only be realised by the energy revolution. We actually require an efficiency revolution", says Naemi Denz, member of the executive management board of the German engineering association "Verband Deutscher Maschinen und Anlagenbau" (VDMA) on today's congress of the German Sustainability Award in Düsseldorf.


UN climate change conference - mechanical engineering sector is part of the solution


The German mechanical engineering sector will also look to Paris from 30 November onwards. Representatives from 195 countries will meet for the two-week UN Climate Change Conference to discuss a follow-up agreement to the Kyoto Protocol.


German Technology: Higher Energy Efficiency - Higher Profits


„Master the Art of Sustainable Innovation“, is the main topic of ITMA 2015. Member companies of the VDMA Textile Machinery Association continue the analysis started at ITMA ASIA 2014 and demonstrate how German technology increases profits by higher energy and material efficiency.


Competition: Sustainability is a business model


The Blue Competence sustainability initiative organizes a trainee competition under the motto "Sustainability is a business model". Take part and win up to 1,000 euros! The sustainable project that best represents this motto will win the competition.


VDMA resource efficiency demand implemented


Countries with a high proportion of industry are particularly dependent on the availability of resources. Germany, where industry has a value creation share of 23%, is a good example of this. German machinery and plant engineering accounts for 16% global trade in the industry. The availability of important raw materials is key to maintaining this strong position.


High-speed balls for energy efficiency


Timo Boll played for Blue Competence at Chinaplas 2015 in Guangzhou. He and his competitors – two up and coming young Chinese players – showed what mechanical engineering and sports have in common when it comes to sustainability. Energy efficiency is great fun – have a look at the photo gallery.


VDMA: Sustainability – best practice examples instead of empty watchwords


On the occasion of a VDMA press conference at Techtextil, speakers from member companies Trützschler, August Herzog Maschinenfabrik and Oerlikon Manmade Fibers Segment added content to the sometimes loosely used watch word sustainability.


Conference: Sustainability is a business model


Submerge into the world of the sustainable mechanical engineering industry, experience unusual perspectives of top-class speakers, discuss with us about energy and material efficiency and celebrate with us the winner of the apprentice contest "Sustainability is a business model".


CHINAPLAS 2015: Save the Date!


20.5.2015: VDMA press event and panel discussion on “energy efficiency” 21.5.2015: Timo Boll plays for Blue Competence




18. Jahreskonferenz des Rates für Nachhaltige Entwicklung

04.06.2018, Tempodrom Berlin