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Aerzen: Water instead of oil – positive energy budget thanks to new developed water-injected compressor


New water-injected compressor stages from Aerzen for the special energy-efficient production of absolute oil-free compressed-air.

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Alfred Kärcher: Children are the future


Sustainability: for Kärcher, this means healthy growth, corporate social responsibility and environmental protection on a regional and global level. The extent of the company‘s dedication to sustainability is demonstrated by its cooperation with SOS-Kinderdorf e.V.

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Alfred Kärcher: Premises redesigned with nature in mind


When planning the new Kärcher site in Winnenden/Germany, the specialist cleaning company’s main focus was to create nature-friendly indoor areas and open spaces while ensuring the careful use of available resources and high energy efficiency throughout the premises. These plans resulted in a company site that combines an attractive working environment with energy efficiency and, in doing so, makes a key contribution to the protection of the environment.

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