How to join Blue Competence

Your company stands for responsible economics,
You have sustainable business models or want to push them on and you want to improve your sustainability performance?
Then it's time to share your success with others. Become a partner of the Sustainability Initiative Blue Competence!

You agree to meet the 12 Sustainability Guidelines of the Mechanical Engineering Industry. You tell us your Best Practice and we transport it on with the cumulated VDMA power of communication. By concrete best practice examples  from your company, sustainability in the Mechanical Engineering Industry, for outsiders does not remain grey theory but vivid and immediate. From this fact profits the whole Mechancial Engineering Industry: Than, without an environmentally-friendly innovations „Green Economy“ is not possible. And without own measurs for energy and resource efficency and a trustful cooperation within the supply chain, the global Sustainability Development Goals of the Agend 2013 can not be achieved.

We pass it on:  With the initiative Blue Competence as common platform, all partners increase their scope. By actions taken of all involved, we draw attention to Blue Competence and its partner companies of the different sectors of the Engineering Mechanical Industry.

Increase credibility: As a recognized partner of Blue Competence, you increase your credibility on the subject of sustainability and you can illustrate this with the logo "Blue Competence Alliance Member" in your company communication.

Improve sustainability: Blue Competence offers the possibility of communication between the partners in workshops and actions concerning on sustainability, for improving your competence in sustainability and communication.

How to join Blue Competence: All European companies of the Mechanical Engineering Industry, who have signed the Blue Competence Agreement, including the 12 Guidelines of the Mechanical Engineering Industry, commit themselves by publsihing these on their company homepage.

Further questions? If you have questions concerning the participation, requirements and possibilities? Please contact us by phone or e-mail – we are looking forward to helping you.

Blue Competence office
Phone: +49-69-6603-1717